QioMESH™ Powerfully Simple.

Industrial Wireless IoT Hardware Platform

specifically design for IoT connectivity for industrial, long-range applications like dynamic outdoor lighting controls, weather and environmental sensors, smart meters or any device that requires low bandwidth, long range service. Over 150,000 nodes deployed globally.

Connect, control, monitor, and notify!


Segment Control Gateway

QioMESH Segment Controller Gateways come in various configuration. Either indoor or outdoor IP67 rated SCG's. Choose from 100 to 1000 node configurations. Powered via PoE, AC, DC or Solar. Provision your nodes in 30 seconds. Range of up to 100km in diameter and available in Ranges of 1km-8km Point-to-Point. Backhaul options also include Gigabit Ethernet, 3G/4g Mobile Service, Wifi CPE. You can also use the SCG as a WIFI AP if needed.

SCG can be programmed with industry specificemebbed FluxONE™ Stand-alone app, connected to FluxCLOUD™ 3.0 IoT Management System, or use the OpenAPI to connect it to your existing systems.

30 Second Provisioning

Scan QR Code or NFC Tag and Provision

Our Industrial grade QR scanner, scan's any tag in under 100ms. Provision your node in less than 30 seconds. Collect all the information about your node including TagID, GPS locations, and any other custom installation information. Immediately test to see if the connectivity is okay. The fastest provisioning in the industry.

Also available for Android and IOS Smart Phones. Note: The scan speed is significantly slower using a smart phone.

QioMESH™ Enabled Wireless

Controllers and Nodes

There are a wide array of QioMESH™ Enabled nodes on the market today. If you can't find one, you can use any the generic controller and use the OpenAPI or create a custom embedded app. Otherwise you can always QioMESH™ enable your product or device by integrates QSG modules directly inside your products.

We provide OEM/MANUFACTURER Services to help you rapidly develop and deploy QioMESH™ for any Commercial or Industrial application.

  • On-Board Priority Based Scheduling
  • Sensor Input - Both Digital, Analog
  • Ranges of 1km-8km Point-to-Point to choose from
  • Lots of Output Options. ON/OFF Relay, 0-10 Dimming, VFD, PWM controls

Embedded FluxONE™ Lite

Pre-Loaded Stand-alone Apps

SCG (Segment Control Gateway) come in a plethora of configurations, and have different FluxONE™ Lite applications that can be pre-loaded onto SCG such as Lighting Controls, Parking Lot Management, Access Control, Solar Car Park Montitoring, Hydroponic Farming, Mine Safety, etc. Custom FluxONE™ and FluxONE™ Lite applications can also be custom built for specific functions.


Worlds first Self-Learning IoT Management Platform.

FluxCLOUD™ is a powerful IoT Management Platform developed specifically to manage, and montior "things". FluxCLOUD™ offers a extensive Inventory management, Global Thing Tracker, GPS Street Mapping, Custom Indoor and Outdoor Layout Mapping, a Full Calendar Scheduler, Real Time Monitoring and Control of your things, Scheduled controls. It also has a ticketing and task manager to send trouble tickets and tasks to your field engineers, a fullstack notification service, and a robust reporting engine.

FluxCLOUD has built in app to operate almost anything including lighting, CCTV,Video Analytics, and can be customized for a particular industry or application.

Take a look at www.fluxcloud.net for more.